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1. Moonshine - Waterless Wash and Wax: Illuminate your vehicle with Moonshine, our extraordinary waterless wash and wax. Effortlessly removing dirt and grime, Moonshine leaves behind a protective shine on your paint, windows, headlights, and rims. Experience the magic of a gleaming vehicle without the need for water.

2. Tire Slime - Tire Shine: Give your tires the cosmic treatment with Tire Slime, our tire shine sensation. This quick-drying, non-greasy formula keeps your tires jet-black and hydrated. But it goes beyond aesthetics—Tire Slime ensures your tires stay in prime condition, resisting drying, cracking, and premature wear.

3. Hydra Leather - Leather Cleaner and Conditioner: Indulge your leather interior with Hydra Leather, our advanced cleaner and conditioner. This cosmic elixir cleans, restores, and protects your vehicle's leather surfaces. The non-greasy formula ensures a smooth finish, while UV protection guards against cracking and peeling, preserving the supple beauty of your leather.

4. Anti-Gravity Interior Cleaner: Defy gravity and dirt with our Anti-Gravity Interior Cleaner. This quick-drying, non-greasy solution simplifies the cleaning of dashboards, vinyl, and plastics. Enjoy a dust-repellent finish without the greasy film, and bask in the added UV protection that keeps your interior looking stellar.

Bundle Description: Introducing the Cosmic Care Quartet — a curated collection featuring Moonshine for a dazzling exterior, Tire Slime to keep your tires sleek, Hydra Leather for a supple interior, and Anti-Gravity Interior Cleaner for an effortlessly clean inside. Elevate your car care routine with this comprehensive bundle, bringing the cosmic touch to every inch of your vehicle.

The Big Bang Bundle (Leather Pkg)

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$112.50Sale Price
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